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    BeetElite® Nitric Oxide Supplement BlackCherry Canister


    • oncentrated Shot — Less Volume to Drink. BeetElite delivers the N-O power of 2 bottles of beet juice in 1 4oz. shot
    • Fast Acting — Works 3x faster than other beet products. Begins to work after 30 min. compared to 90 min.
    • Better Value — BeetElite costs almost 4x less than it’s N-O Power equivalent, 6 beets
    • Superior Taste — 3 out of 4 taste panel participants prefer the flavor of BeetElite
    • Pure & Clean — Only 4 Ingredients! Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan




    BeetElite® is a Pre-Workout “Shot” that helps your body make more nitric oxide (N-O). During exercise, N-O:

    1. Helps the body Increase Circulation
    2. Promotes Energy & Oxygen Efficiency to improve physical performance
    3. Supports Improved Rate of Recovery due to Increased Blood Flow
    4. Helps the body support Heart Health
    5. Helps the body Extend Endurance & Improve Intensity levels during exercise

    With the healthful benefits of beets such as Antioxidants & Electrolytes



    Studies have linked the consumption of beets to increased athletic performance, improved heart health and reduced blood pressure due to their high nitrate content.

    Dietary nitrates are an activator of nitric oxide (N-O) in the body. This signaling molecule, N-O, has these primary benefits for athletes:

    • Extends Endurance
    • Improves Energy Efficiency
    • Faster Rate of Recovery
    • More Fuel to Working Muscles
    • Helps Control Core Body Temperature During Exercise by Improved Blood Flow


    BeetElite BlackCherry Canister Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: Beetroot Crystals, Natural Flavors, Malic Acid and Stevia Leaf Extract

    How To Use:
    Mix 1 canister (200g) thoroughly with 3 quarts of water, or for individual servings mix 1 heaping scoop (10g) with 4 oz of water. For best results BeetElite should be consumed immediately after mixing. Consume 30 minutes prior to exercise. Do not exceed more than 2 servings of BeetElite in 24 hours. Avoid mixing with citrus juice.
    Beet juice may turn your urine and other waste pink. This is normal.



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