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Cobb Cycling V Flow Plus Saddle

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    Cobb Cycling V Flow Plus Saddle


    Whether you’re a tri geek, roadie, TT specialist, weekend warrior, or anything in between, you will love the Cobb Plus saddle.  This is our best seller for both male and female riders.  Designed with 10% firmer memory style foam compared to the v-flow to accommodate any size rider, this saddle is sure to provide you with long lasting comfort and substantial pressure relief across any distance bike ride. 


    100% UV protection against sun damage, and 100% waterproof protection against foam rot due to sweat loss or rainy days.


    By understanding all the strong features of the original VFlow saddle, we were able to make some improvements that warranted a new saddle. John Cobb continued his research on rider comfort, it became clear that pelvis/hip socket location as well as rider size and weight could further affect seat comfort.

    Features Under seat Airflow management for improved chamois ventilation

    Specially formulated memory foam for all day comfort and to maintain blood flow

    Molded in, seat base design to help cradle and hold the rider, relieving lower back pain

    Saddle covering, selected to last for those long rides and work with any bike shorts

    Relief design to help eliminate numbness

    Increased foam thickness creates a relief channel to further eliminate numbness

    Seat is for both sexesFor Men: Since Cobb has been riding and racing for over thirty years, he knows the comfort issues that often plague male riders. He understands numbness and pain and has therefore dedicated his time to finding a solution. He knows that seat comfort changes each time new equipment is added, handlebar placement is changed, or when ones training or racing goals change, requiring a different position on the bike. This new VFlow Plus saddle is ideal for riders who like variety and often change riding positions. It is also ideal for those who may carry a few extra pounds or who have narrower hip width. Cobb knows that in order to achieve great cycling performance, the basics have to be done right. If riders rotate their pelvis forward, it opens the diaphragm more. Also, if they pedal with more upper body energy, it stimulates more muscle groups. These things can be done easily with the properly designed seat that works for riders, not against them. For Women: In high performance road bikes or triathlon bikes, there is a large difference in the seating positions compared to a more recreational type of bicycle. In the case of a triathlon bike, the rider is rotated much more forward, riding on a completely different part of the Pelvis area.

    The VFlow range of seats are designed for performance riding, they are not the best choice for a Beach cruiser. The narrow rear section is especially great at relieving pressure from the hamstring muscle and the upper adductors. These pressure points are two of the leading causes of leg cramps and low back pain. When making seats for women, it is very common for other saddle makers to promote the fact that the rear is wider and the nose is shorter on their seats. This is just completely wrong thinking for a woman performance cyclist. With the use of a Form Sensor Aray TekScan unit, I was able to plot the exact skin pressure points over the area that a female rider actually uses. Many women riders have a shorter torso length than men comparatively, they also commonly have thicker upper thighs and face real issues with pubic bone and ìsoft tissueî comfort. By analyzing the pressure points, by hand cutting many saddles and by listening to the riders inputs, I have come up with a saddle that offers a huge leap in rider comfort. Women need for their upper legs to be able to swing further back on the saddle, especially while riding on aero bars or on the drops. Seats that have a wide rear area will force the rider to move forward on the nose of the seat, this is not a comfortable position and leads to very high Pubic bone area stress. Most seat manufacturers promote that if your sit bones are 130mm or 145mm then you need a seat that is at least that wide. Think about how you ride your bike, when youíre on the drops or on the aero bars, you are rotated well forward of the sit bones. The rider will roll forward on to the Rams horns of the pelvis bone, this area is generally from 70mm to 100mm wide at the maximum. Women cyclist can feel the upper thigh interference and that relates to unpleasant higher soft tissue pressures. A narrower seat design will really work.

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