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ISM Adamo Attack Saddle

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    ISM has been working with the World’s best professional cyclists for several years.  The Attack is our newest road racing saddle.  We have narrowed the transition from front to back to 110mm to allow for better rider body movement.  The central channel has also been lengthened to maximize and maintain blood flow and comfort in a more slack position.  In fact, blood flow testing proved the best we’ve ever had.  Comfort, Power, and Performance.  The Attack gets you there.  Uses foam and gel padding and titanium alloy rails.  270mm long and 110 mm wide.


    SET UP
    Attach the ISM saddle to the seatpost,placing the saddle’s rails parallel to the ground, or at a slight angle downward. Tighten the bolts. The tilt of the front arms is subjective and differs from rider to rider. Usually for aerobar athletes you want the arms slightly tilted downward. For road bikes or comfort bikes, have the arms level. There is no right or wrong answer here
    as it’s individual preference. Don’t be afraid to bring a tool with you to make slight adjustments while on the first few rides. You will find your sweet spot.
    Place the seat lower than you normally do. You are placing it lower, because you are utilizing your sit bones (where you want the pressure), which places you higher on the seat. Many
    times we suggest lowering your overall saddle position .5-1cm vs. your traditional saddle. This will relieve pressure you are feeling from the new contact point. Remember ISM saddles remove the pressure from the soft tissue and place it on the “sit bones”. This is what traditional nosed saddles try to do by offering different widths, but unfortunately still have pressure on the soft tissue. If you feel that you are rocking from side to side, you have it too
    high lower the saddle. Additionally, your toes should not be pointing down when you pedal. This is a clear sign your seat is too high.
    Slide your saddle back, further than a normal saddle, on the post. Tighten the bolts. We have removed the “nose of the saddle” which is approximately 2 inches off the front as it is only hitting your soft tissue area and may cause damage. Because of that, the front of the saddle arms should only reach the mid-point of your inner thigh. If the saddle arms are sticking out
    the front while you are on the saddle, you have the saddle too far forward. If you feel the saddle is too wide, move it back. Do not zip tie the front arms. The width is intentional and a zip tie defeats the benefits of the saddle design and voids the warranty.
    Your sit bones are the main points of contact of the body to the seat. You may feel tenderness to the sit bones after the first few rides. This is normal, as you are conditioning the muscles in your buttocks.
    It is recommended that you go for a short first ride, take your tools and tweak your position. Just like a new pair of dress shoes, you have to break them in. Have fun and ride in comfort!
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