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Triathlon LAB has added another phenomenal product to our athlete offerings!

Introducing On running shoes. 

"How many times have you been told to fit in, to adhere to the norm, to continue how things have been done in the past, to buy into the one best way? After half a century of running axioms that have failed to produce a significant drop in running injuries, On suggests
 to simply run how you are meant to run. Forget about motion control, minimalism and maximalism or the proper way to land or to lift for that matter. Instead, let your individual running personality shine. What feels best to you is best for you."

Our entire team spent a few hours with representatives from On to better understand how these products will benefit you, the athlete. We learned a couple of critical details that we would love to share with you. Read on to learn about these phenomenal shoes, see more of the entire product line on our website here, or come by the shop to try some on today! 

The entire line up of On running shoes are designed a little differently than other running shoes. Most runners (about 80% of the population) has what is called pronation, or the physical predisposition to roll in towards the center of your body as your foot strikes the ground and goes through the running cycle, or gait. Most stability shoes, or running shoes designed to stop this physical collapse of the ankle, use a firm material in the sole of the shoe on the inside of the heel, called a post. Think of this post as a stop point for your ankle's tendency to roll to far inward. On sees this post as a way to stop your ankle from rolling inward, but it doesn't correct the larger problem. On believe that a post just moves the issue further up the runner, to the knees or even to the hips. They've eliminated this traditional post in favor of their cloud elements and the "speed board" or firm construction between the cloud elements and the upper body of the shoe. 

This revolutionary design allows On to promote natural run strides for all types of runners. By cushioning the landing, and minimizing your foot's time on the ground, On has eliminated the need for harsh physical constraints, like the traditional post, while improving runner health and comfort. 

Unlike most other running shoes, the On brand, using their cloud elements, has some lateral cushioning and stability as well as forward shock absorption. That makes this shoe great for running in any condition, on any surface, without the fear of side to side movement that can cause discomfort in other running shoes. We've also seen a preference for this type of shoe by multisport athletes and even traditional crossfit or circuit training athletes. 

see the entire product line here

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