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Training Facilities
Elite Fitness Torrance

Elite Fitness in Torrance CA

Elite Fitness offers training camp services and various types of training programs for all types of athletes. Elite Fitness is a personal training studio which offers exercise and nutrition plans tailored to meet each client's specific needs. With the exciting additions of their second studio and A.S.A.P. (Agility and Speed Accelerates Performance) program in 2009, their staff is equipped to help your bodies and minds reach their fullest potential!

trifit TRIFIT Studios in Santa Monica CA

TRIFIT Studios, located in the Yahoo Center in Santa Monica is a top notch training facility. TRIFIT features the TRI-CYCLING virtual reality studio, the newly designed eco-friendly TRÜYOGA studio with rope walls, retail boutique and massage. The facility also offers Weight and Cardiovascular studios, Squash and Racquetball courts, and a 25-yard indoor lap pool-all housed in an efficiently designed, 20,000-square-foot space. Other amenities include outdoor basketball and two tennis courts; complimentary valet parking; dining at the Daily Grill; a coffee shop; dry cleaners; and a beautifully landscaped park. Services, convenience, and amenities are important and are what any discerning Los Angeles professional deserves. TRIFIt studios is owned by Bernard and Gina Baski, triathletes with a passion for the sport.

Boot Camp H2O in Pacific Palisades, CA

All TriLAB customers new to the workout may experience the boot camp free every second Saturday of the month. Thereafter, pay $15 per workout (a $5 discount).

All water boot camp workouts are at Palisades High School - Maggie Gilbert Swim Center, 15777 Bowdoin Street, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 Contact Bootcamp H2O at 323-774-1083 with any questions.

Training Coaches

Coach Gareth Thomas, FFI/ NCF/ RAW/ ITEC Over the past 15 years, Gareth Thomas has earned the reputation of being a world-class endurance coach & athletic consultant. Highly qualified from advanced fitness and coaching skills to holistic therapies, sports psychology and nutrition, Gareth brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise to his clients. He is regarded as a leading authority on metabolic testing and its application to endurance athletes. All Coach Gareth services are custom to the individual. All training programs are based on the individuals personal metabolic profile, structural make-up, lifestyle, goals, time constraints and athletic history. Coach Gareth works with his own, carefully chosen network of strategic partners to deliver you the most complete health, fitness & performance solution. These include Professional Bike Fitters, Massage Therapists, Orthotics Designers, Chiropractors, Equipment Specialists, Physical Therapists, Rehabilitation Providers & Physicians

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Christine Kwok Club Run

Christine Kwok, CPT, ISCA Master Trainer, USAT T&F

CK Club Run: This running club offers twice-weekly, in-person coached workouts, and ongoing online connection with other group members and with Christine and Carly through CK Connect. The workouts include sport specific strength training and coached running that emphasize running mechanics, appropriate progressions, and strength training to make the runner injury resistant.

In addition, you will be able to access virtually a recommended workout to keep you active and moving toward the group goal, a local-area 5K or 10K announced at the beginning of the session.

Find new friends or join with existing friends as a fun way to improve or maintain your fitness level!


Gerardo Barrios, Level 1 USAT Certified Coach, Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and ASCA Level 2 Swimming Coach

Fortius Coaching

Fortius Coaching is built on the foundation that in order to succeed you must become stronger in order to endure the triathlons, marathons and ultra races. Fortius Coaching provides professional expertise to help you accomplish your goals through goal setting, periodization, testing, and regular monitoring in order to keep you strong.

Additionally, Fortius Coaching understands that Ironman Training is challenging enough on your own. In a group environment Fortius Coaching provides group camaraderie and support to get you through your Ironman race, whether it's your first or your fifth. The group provides motivation and accountability to help you keep up with your training. Our expert advice will prepare you for the ultimate in ultradistance multisport racing. With knowledgeable and expert leaders on the swim, bike, and run you will see improvement week to week.


Robert Hockley, USATLevel II Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Coach

Robert Hockley is one of the few Level II USAT Triathlon Coaches in the country. His dedication to his clients is obvious. He trains individuals who start out completely out of shape, with the goal to get in shape to be able to successfully participate in triathlons, and those who already participate in the sport and simply want attain maximum performance.


Steve Mackel: CHt, CPT, USA Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Coach, Chi Running/Walking Instructor.

Steve Mackel is an experienced triathlon and running coach who is very knowledgeable in all three disciplines of triathlon. Visit Steve Mackel's websites here:

Tri This Coaching

Cycling Routes
PV Loop This is a beautiful loop that goes around Palos Verdes. This scenic loop features great ocean views from the bluffs of PV. Los Angeles Bike Rides A great resource to find rides that other riders have mapped out around the Los Angeles area. Check here for more ride ideas.
Los Angeles Area Bike Paths Check here for different cycling routes & information throughout the Los Angeles Region.
Los Angeles Area & Orange County Coastal Bike Route You will find useful information for the bike paths from the South Bay and into the Orange County Coast.

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